National Exam Threshold

Imperceptibly, time passes so quickly. More or less five months we will face a momentum to move to college: National Examination 2012. The national examination is one of the most important moments in our lives that give wayto the next life step. However, that does not mean we must make burden. Just relax, while trying to add a provision to deal with it, that is to learn and practice questions. For a wise man once said, “success belongs to those that persevere. The action does not alwaysbring intelligence, but there is no intelligence without actions. summit of intelligence can be achieved by a person if he is ready accepts himself “

It is time for managing the time to learn a highly disciplined because discipline is the soulof an intelligence. Discipline could deliver all the people to achieve success and pride.Even though the difficulty comes our way, but the trouble is not what makes us afraid tomove, but that makes us afraid.

As words of the wise, a willingness to ‘win’ is important, but the willingness to prepare isabsolute. Remember, the mind is feeling content about who we are. Stupidity and intelligence come from ourselves. Meanwhile, the mind has the same power with thehands, not to hold the world, but to change it.


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