I Want to be Next #AcadeMMist

Hello everyone! In this moment, I really need your help to give feedback about my participating as #acadeMMia program presented by @mataharimallcom. 

For your information, My name is Yunus Thariq Rizky. My friends used to call me, Yunus. I am 21 years old now. I graduated from Telkom University with bachelor degree Business Management of Telecommunication and Informatics. I completed it with cum laude title and only spent 3,5 years or 7 semesters.

For me, Matahari mall is the one and only my favorite store for shopping ~yes, it’s true. My family and I really like to shop at MM store. It caused MM offering its goods with very cheap price and “crazy” discount percentage. Even though I know that this is one of marketing strategy to influence perceived consumer. Now, MM is transforming itself to be an e-commerce enterprise that offering its products via online store. MM realize that the trend of the consumer behavior now is very different. MM go out from the comfort zone to compete in e-commerce industry. And I believe that MM has great potential to be leading e-commerce. 

So why you have to choose me as your next #AccadeMMist? I have completed a wide range of subjects that provide me with a firm base of knowledges relevant to the program and the industry of e-commerce. I have also experience as business analyst (internship) at Telkom Indonesia for two months. I believe that my knowledge and skills will help me contribute a great deal to your company. Above all, I posess the interest and determination to perform well in the academy you offering and of course make #IndonesiaBangga

#acadeMMia #acadeMMiabatch2 #IndonesiaBangga

P.S: Please, help me to give some feedback in my instagram account below here.

Yunus Thariq Rizky | I Want to be Next AcadeMMist

Thank you so much for your contribution helping me.

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